Food Ingredients for the Global Market

By | 12 September 2019

Food Ingredients for the Global Market As Globalization Within The Marketplace Grows, There Is Little Information That Pulls Together All Of The Aspects Of Obtaining Approval For A New Product Or Ingredient And Introducing It Into A New Market Food Ingredients For The Global Market Presents An Overview From Several Key International Markets Of The Critical Regulatory Steps For Food Ingredient Approval As Well As The Scientific And Cultural Environment That Impacts The Regulatory Climate And Consumer Acceptance Of A New Or Existing Product A Synthesis Of The Information Presented Highlights Successful Strategies For Managing Development And Introduction Of A Food Ingredient In The Global Marketplace Internationally Experienced Authors Describe On A Fairly Pragmatic Level The Steps That Have Been Taken Or Are In Place To Accomplish Such An Introduction In Four Somewhat Distinct, But Very Important, Global Markets The United States, The European Union, Asia Japan China And Southeast Asia , And Latin America The Final Synthesis Chapters Pull Together General Principles For Approaching New Markets And Issues That Can Be Expected Regardless Of Specific Setting Food Ingredients For The Global Market Offers Readers A Significantly Better Understanding Of The Steps To Follow In Various Markets, As Well As A Better Understanding Of Issues That Are Problematic In All Markets

  • Hardcover
  • 300 pages
  • 9780813814162
  • Food Ingredients for the Global Market
  • Yao-Wen Huang
  • 12 September 2019